Things I learned along the way

Hello and thank you for your reply. I wanted to wait until I knew what I really wanted to say and not just blab something meaningless. I think our brains must work alike. I bought one of those writing, software programs, but I seemed to write more without it. Recently while driving home one night from work I started thinking about some of the problems that I been having for a long time in my story. It was like I was being showed. All the pieces was already there and just a little adjustment and “viola” it pieced itself together like a puzzle. The feeling was awesome. A couple of days later walking into work, I starting thinking that from now on, I’m going to start thinking about a piece of my story that needs work and start mulling it over in my head for a few minutes and then let it go. If nothing comes to me I’ll repeat this action. I didn’t get to the elevators before my question had been answered. As for filling gaps now. Try plotting instead of writing in story form and when the feeling is right let dialogue, narrative or description take over. This is all new to me as I write this. I think I can use it too. Another idea I’m having is try and write backwards. What happens in the scene before, that your trying to connect to. If this helps you, please let me know. Thank you


About writingtonight

I am a writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife Colleen. We have two children; Noah who lives in Norwich, New York and a daughter Katie, living with her family in Alexandria, Kentucky. She has blessed us with two adorable grandchildren. I have written a memoir adventure called A Photo-Finish while living and working in Yellowstone National Park, a fantasy short story Magnolias and my latest, a potty training book It Can Happen Anywhere. I attended 2 years at Suny Morrisville College where one of my favorite authors attended and taught, John Gardner. I will always write arduously looking for the truth my characters reveal to me in their stories. Randall Johnson
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