I’m going to have a big year, and I’m going to give it to myself.


It’s only four months into the year and with all I have done already, I can’t wait to see what eight more months will bring, as I keep my head down and work on my 2015 goals I set for myself. My goal is simple, to start writing everyday and to delve deep into my new book by 2016.

So I’m going to have a big year, and I going to give it to myself. The creditials and fame I receive after the work is finished, is not the gift God gave me, but the words of expression are. The gratitude should not be the more sought after. I’m open to the fruit’s of my passion, being the union between writing and the writer, in that my dreams of a writer are manifested. I’m dicoverying everyday what that means for me and in time what will mean to others…

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About writingtonight

I am a writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife Colleen. We have two children; Noah who lives in Norwich, New York and a daughter Katie, living with her family in Alexandria, Kentucky. She has blessed us with two adorable grandchildren. I have written a memoir adventure called A Photo-Finish while living and working in Yellowstone National Park, a fantasy short story Magnolias and my latest, a potty training book It Can Happen Anywhere. I attended 2 years at Suny Morrisville College where one of my favorite authors attended and taught, John Gardner. I will always write arduously looking for the truth my characters reveal to me in their stories. Randall Johnson
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