It’s Not a Decision, But a Discussion

I remember reading as a kid in the “New Testament” of the King James Version how Jesus spoke of many parables about life. If you would just stop and take a moment to look around you, you will know that everything is connected like the parables Jesus spoke of. Love thy neighbor was not a parable however but a commandment- I had to look it up- but Love thy neighbor was number two on the list of The Ten Commandments. First, was “Love the lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.” Second, was “Thy shall love thy neighbor as thy self.” One parable my young mind could easily grasp was if you plant a seed on rocky soil you will reap minimum at harvest but if you plant a seed in good fertile ground you will harvest plenty. It’s a simple a choice we all can make.

Just as it was that far back in history, the same applies today. We need to come together to plant seeds so our harvest will be fruitful for tomorrow. We seem broken as a country, as people of different races, until we accept change we will never mend.

Of course, it’s difficult to find answers to questions we don’t know. That’s because the other side may have all or part of the answers. Until we can do what we keep talking about, by coming together and open our minds, we will never have those answers.

It’s time now to take action and stop the polarization between our black community and our law enforcement division to find ways to close the gaps. Instead, we can use mind opening efforts in ways to save lives of citizens and law enforcement officials creating rest in the conciseness of all Americans.

It’s to put different groups of people from different backgrounds into a room together with a common goal in mind for an extended period of time and watch what transpires. Not only one time but over and over again until we go beyond true understanding so that there is a relationship- like a highway we must lay through the mountains- and to get there we must endure, setbacks and that would be necessary because we would be moving only deeper and that means progress.

It isn’t a decision to make anymore, nor can it be put off! It’s agreed that we need to come together not at some town hall meeting where we have other issues thrown in, that’s just a way to avoid it. Nor, again at city hall after another incident. I’m talking about the forming of a new committee one that feels like an actual effort is being made. Not where it feels the same, where the people seems to be going to another town hall meeting that seems like they’re making all the effort. I’m sure there are those among us who are willing to conduct this meeting in a way that’s educational and beneficial for all of us.

“It’s not us vs them.” President Obama says as he urges local Police Departments and communities across the country to work together as the nation sits on edge. “I’ll be honest with you.” Obama continues. “It’s going to require all of us not to close ourselves off and go to corners but rather require us to come together and listen to each other.


Black lives matter comes together in peace. In Wichita, Kansas a bond was made during a community cookout where local police where invited. The cookout went over with great success as everyone open up with their condolences and concerns. “It was a bonding moment where the police saw them as children and my [sons] got to see them as people!

It was a great first step Chief Gordon Ramsey and Wichita PD!

One woman voiced it’s kind of an outreach that will heal tensions, not protests, that only cause more division Communities coming together to talk it out, and have fun together is the way forward. Reported by Bill Chappell Reporter, producer of NPR.

This may be a seed that I have reaped from following the events on The National News, plus my meditation and writing. If we can make joyful progress, once selected representatives have come together in a committee to put an end to the polarization of our black community, to protect the lives of citizens and police officers, while they’re out on the streets keeping us safe. Then why don’t we teach what we learn to all our young students of all future occupations and future police officers so that they have a complete understanding of the history before them and how to conduct themselves when encountering each other through respect and the knowledge gained by our selected committee. In school, students can be taught in classrooms and have discussions, which again, these discussions can be used as a tool and brought back to our committee. Students in the class can get an instructional driver, police ethics along with learning Driver’s Ed.

Country music singer Coffey Anderson would make a great candidate. You can see his instructional video that went viral about a lesson he learned from his father on interacting with police. It didn’t go without its critics, but you have to give Mr. Anderson credit, he is doing something from his heart and I believe from watching his video, it could save some lives.

After all, it is our youth who comes forward, concerned for their country, their brother’s lives and their own futures asking the President his toughest and most embarrassing questions how can we fix this.

Alton Sterling’s 15-year-old son, Cameron said after his father’s fatal shooting in Baton Rouge by police. “ Protest in peace.” followed by “You have to make things better by making peace.”


Jermar Taylor 12 years old son shielded by his mother who was shielded by Dallas police to protect their lives from a sniper during the slaying of five officers on that horrific night. He told President Obama that he now wants to become a police officer so he can “Tell kids and adults that not all police officers are bad. Some officers make mistakes.”

We can’t afford to wait and see if these issues will be resolved under a new president. We have done too much waiting already. To have more senseless killings under a new president will only have a negative impact, for our country and in our hearts.



About writingtonight

I am a writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife Colleen. We have two children; Noah who lives in Norwich, New York and a daughter Katie, living with her family in Alexandria, Kentucky. She has blessed us with two adorable grandchildren. I have written a memoir adventure called A Photo-Finish while living and working in Yellowstone National Park, a fantasy short story Magnolias and my latest, a potty training book It Can Happen Anywhere. I attended 2 years at Suny Morrisville College where one of my favorite authors attended and taught, John Gardner. I will always write arduously looking for the truth my characters reveal to me in their stories. Randall Johnson
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