Transitioning for Transgenders

I work at one of the leading hospitals in the U.S. in the southwest region of Ohio. Whereupon I was taking a quick break from my busy day to use the restroom outside of my department located in the front lobby. There in front of me was a person walking slowly that could have been mine or anybody else’s dad that would be around my age, I am 53. I was really needing to hurry, but in respect, I didn’t dart around this man but walked patiently behind him since he was our guest here at the hospital. He walked slowly due to his weight and age which gave me the time to notice he was bald on top except around his ears. He stopped briefly at the first door on his right being the private family restroom that was wheelchair accessible for public and employees. The door was locked and in use. I still waited, not wanting to seem rude. When he came upon the men’s room which is the next door on the same side as the family restroom. I watched him cross over to the ladies room that was direct across from the men’s where he opened the door and walked in.

It caught me off guard but I responded quickly by saying “Oh sir, the men’s room is to the right”. There seemed to be a brief pause before he looked up at the sign on the door and said something that was too low for me to hear, followed by a light hearty laugh and said: “Oh yes, thank you”.

I didn’t laugh with him for thinking, did I just make an error? Could I have been wrong to assume what gender this person might be? Possibly this person was choosing the restroom they feel most comfortable in. I only saw this person from the back and I observed without any prejudices except what is already, there from my involvement with my environment. I started to ask myself this question living under Ohio laws. Could it have been, this person’s right to choose which restroom he or she felt most comfortable using based on gender and did I make this person feel uncomfortable?

I ask you. Though it has been quiet on this topic lately, but as we proceed forward, will this be some of the new experiences people will face. How would your human complex mind have responded?

If this person would have proceeded through that door, is it in his right as an Ohio citizen? I googled this question and read that. In Ohio, there are no Transgender restroom laws. So what if you would have been in there and this person walks past and enters a stall?

You have to ask yourself this question. Does this happen more than we might believe? This person did try to use the private restroom for families before opening the ladies room during which he never knew I was behind him the whole time until I spoke.

_____Randall Johnson May 03, 2017


About writingtonight

I am a writer living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife Colleen. We have two children; Noah who lives in Norwich, New York and a daughter Katie, living with her family in Alexandria, Kentucky. She has blessed us with two adorable grandchildren. I have written a memoir adventure called A Photo-Finish while living and working in Yellowstone National Park, a fantasy short story Magnolias and my latest, a potty training book It Can Happen Anywhere. I attended 2 years at Suny Morrisville College where one of my favorite authors attended and taught, John Gardner. I will always write arduously looking for the truth my characters reveal to me in their stories. Randall Johnson
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2 Responses to Transitioning for Transgenders

  1. Winta says:

    Not too long ago, because the women’s room was lined around the building, I was encouraged by some gentlemen to use the men’s instead. It was the most bizzare and uncomfortable experience I’ve ever experienced in a bathroom. The men had told me it was not my place to be there, even the father who had a little boy with him had told me to get out of there. I can only imagine the horrors that transgender people undergo. I appreciate your considerate thoughts on the subject, and going so far as to search it up on the net. Great post!

    • Thanks, Winta, for the visit and your thoughts on Transitioning for Transgenders. My post fed me an insight to what the frustrations that transgenders must go through every day and the new experiences people may have as the understanding and movement grows. Your friend Randall

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